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We are currently dedicated to supporting vulnerable groups with a high incidence of poverty in the rural and marginal urban areas of the country through direct incidence programs with them.

Sur de Quito Project

It was created in the year 1990 as a Social Program in response to the grave situation of vulnerability of children and youths in situation of dwelling in streets, lack of schooling, and social and family violence.

Guaranda Project

Guaranda Community Project
Project in San Simón, Guaranda providing schooling support, literacy, occupational center, artisan workshops, and agricultural and livestock support.

Message from the

Executive Director

When the call for social commitment knocks on our door, there is no way to escape it. The mission to work for others at times poses challenges that seem difficult and uncomfortable to accept, but once we take the challenge, we also begin to live the stories of others: abandonment, extreme poverty, abuse, exploitation. There are in addition children without schooling, without a family, without the nourishment necessary to sustain their lives; adolescents immersed in extreme situations uncharacteristic of their age, or even almost anonymous older adults, abandoned and left to their own devices by their relatives and by the communities they belong to…

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Hna. Marina Hervas – Project Director San Simón, Guaranda

  • Sustainable Production – Social Training and Community Development Project

Total Beneficiaries
Children and Teenagers
Older Adults


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