Message from the
Executive Director


When the call for social commitment knocks on our door, there is no way to escape it. The mission to work for others at times poses challenges that seem difficult and uncomfortable to accept, but once we take the challenge, we also begin to live the stories of others: abandonment, extreme poverty, abuse, exploitation. There are in addition children without schooling, without a family, without the nourishment necessary to sustain their lives; adolescents immersed in extreme situations uncharacteristic of their age, or even almost anonymous older adults, abandoned and left to their own devices by their relatives and by the communities they belong to.

This is when these realities change our lives and we cannot remain on the fringes without taking action, without getting involved, without going out to meet these people who need us more than we could even imagine.

Su Cambio por el Cambio (Your Change for Change) is a social support organization that was created almost thirty years ago through people that felt the calling and who generously opened their doors to CREATE CHANGE.

The road traveled so far has not been an easy one although the efforts deployed have certainly been worth it. Throughout these years, over 6000 children and adolescents under grave situations of social vulnerability have arrived seeking love and support. We have helped to rebuild the lives of many youngsters who said NO to the streets and to many other situations of death. Today, they are persons with an exciting future full of hope ahead of them.

Over 400 families in a situation of extreme poverty have received our daily support, and we have welcomed elderly citizens who had been condemned to dying in their homes, sidewalks, or even in fields, and who today are smiling once again and form an important part of their communities; they have started living once again to traverse this last portion of their lives in a more dignified and happy manner.

It truly fills us with joy when we see all that has been achieved so far, nonetheless, we must do more. We demand more from ourselves and perhaps more from you who are present here today. We lack volunteers and resources. We need generous hearts that can open up to heed the calling to continue fighting the streets, the violence, and the abandonment.

You are here today for a reason. Don’t let this opportunity go by to meet us and support our cause.