Social Project “Su Cambio por el Cambio”


This program began in 1990 as a Social Program in response to the grave situation of vulnerability of children and adolescents dwelling in streets, with a lack of schooling, and enduring social and family violence.

In this manner, some time afterwards, the Soccer and Sports School of “Su Cambio por el Cambio” opened in a parish of Chillogallo at the southern part of Quito, which through the practice of sports, a healthy diet, and reintroduction to basic education, fosters the integral development of close to 240 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 years.

Besides basic education and sports, this project provides spaces for training in crafts such as mechanics, horticulture, carpentry, dressmaking, and hospitality services so that beneficiaries may acquire new skills and capacities as an additional tool to help them face their future.

Within the educational sphere, the School worked with the Compensatory Educational System through the 2011-2012 school year, where students, in keeping with their learning, could finish school based on three levels, and each level was imparted through two years of study in order to obtain the Primary Equivalency certificate legalized by the Ministry of Education.

Starting with the 2012-2013 school year, the Popular Compensatory Educational System was abolished and the Regular Basic Education System was established for all educational establishments, which means that our students are at the same level of other Private School Centers of the country, thus fulfilling the curricula established by the Ministry of Education.

This was created to provide education to the parents of boys and girls in situations of risk. The main objective of the school was to strengthen the education provided to boys and girls by teaching their parents about: the causes and consequences of domestic violence, family planning, alcoholism and drug addiction in society, and financial education, among others..




Our Foundation has realized various important achievements in this sporting discipline.
This has been a sporting discipline where our project has had an outstanding performance. We have formed athletes who have triumphed nationally and internationally with a Pan-American Vice-champion and other relevant triumphs.
Track and Field is one of the preferred sporting practices conducted by our beneficiaries.
Our foundation has had very distinguished representatives in these sporting disciplines. Our children and adolescents permanently excel in Greek-Roman Wrestling and Judo during inter-school and national championships.


Micro-entrepreneurial Training

Through training in workshops, our children and adolescents develop capacities and skills in order to improve their opportunities in the employment sector. They have been participating in these activities since the age of 14 and until they conclude their cycle in our project and are then ready to embark on their journey.

  • Carpentry
  • Horticulture
  • Dressmaking
  • Hospitality Services



We safeguard the mental and emotional wellbeing or our children and adolescents. We maintain records of each and every one of our beneficiaries through psychological evaluations. With these therapies, we conduct individual or group therapies according to the needs involved.
We maintain ongoing controls of the health status of our children and adolescents. Special care is given to the nutritional aspect since we register many cases of children with high levels of malnutrition when entering our projects. In this area, we receive the valuable support of the Ministry of Health.
We maintain a detailed follow-up of the personal and family situation of our beneficiaries by conducting periodic home visits to assess the status of the family unit; in addition, we work in family reinforcement through approaches made with the parents of our beneficiaries. We reinforce these efforts with the support obtained from specialized social entities, both public and private.
Everyday our children and adolescents receive healthy and nutritional diets (daily snacks and lunches) in our cafeteria with the objective of eradicating malnutrition in our beneficiaries. The modification of the nutritional menu, along with an improved proposal that includes greater consumption of fruits, fresh vegetables, and a greater variety of animal proteins as the basis for a balanced and healthy nutrition for our children, nourishes them with all of the necessary products that their growth processes require.
This is a program that provides support for Parents in order to address the problems our children and adolescents go through. Furthermore, we provide various training courses to parents to form the basis of support so they may improve the quality of life of the family unit.

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